Radar Detector Setup Tutorials

Have you already purchased your radar detector or laser jammer and want to set it up to give you the best performance and fewest false alerts? Take a look at the following tutorials and setup guides to help you get the most from your countermeasures.

Radar Detectors Tutorials: 

Uniden R1 & R3:

Max360 teeny thumbEscort Max360:

Uniden DFR6 & DFR7:

Escort Redline EX:

V1 teeny thumbValentine One:

iPhone V1 users, V1Driver:

YaV1 main alert screenAndroid V1 users, YaV1:

Radenso XP:

Redline teeny thumbEscort Redline:

Beltronics Magnum teeny thumbBeltronics Magnum:

RPSE teeny thumbRadenso Pro & Radenso Pro SE:

Max2 teeny thumbEscort Passport Max & Max2: 

Escort iX: 

Net Radar teeny thumbNet Radar:

Stinger VIP teeny thumbStinger VIP:

Escort Passport teeny thumbEscort Passport, X70, & X80:

LRD950 teeny thumbUniden LRD950:

Uniden LRD750:

Uniden LRD450:

Escort S75G & 9500ix:

Beltronics GT-7:

Cobra DSP 9200BT:

Cobra SPX 7800BT:

K40 RLS2:


Laser Jammer Tutorials:

AntiLaser Priority:


Cell Phone Apps:


Power Cable & Hardwiring Tutorials:


GPS Lockouts:


General Countermeasure Tutorials: