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Uniden DFR9 Drops to $249

Uniden DFR9

Update: The DFR9 is now available for $185. (Use the coupon code “VORTEX“) Deal expires at the end of 2019. The Uniden DFR9 is dropping in price to $249. (Use the coupon code “SPEED“)

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How to Set Up and Program Your Uniden DFR9

Uniden DFR9 buttons

The Uniden DFR9 is a solid mid-tier radar detector with good performance, false alert filtering, and features. If you’re just getting started with the DFR9, here’s what all the buttons do and how to program your detector. Purchase the Uniden DFR9 here. Note: You can download the Uniden DFR9 owner’s manual. This tutorial will provide …

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