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Cobra Road Scout Radar Detector & Dashcam Giveaway

Cobra Road Scout

Enter to win a brand new Cobra Road Scout, a radar detector & dash camera combo in one integrated package. Cobra Road Scout: Radar Detector & Dashcam Giveaway If the you’re on a mobile device and the entry form isn’t loading for you above, click the link above or click here to enter. Thank you …

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Thinkware Q800 Pro Dashcam Giveaway

Thinkware Q800 Pro dashcam

Enter to win a brand new Thinkware Q800 Pro! This is Thinkware’s brand new flagship dash camera.

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Vortex Radar’s 2018 Holiday Giveaway

Vortex Radar's 2018 Holiday Giveaway

Update: The winners have all been selected and emailed on Jan 1st. Take a look through the list of winners and if you see your name, be sure to check your email inbox. Thank you to everyone who participated, congratulations to all the winners, and welcome everyone to 2019! Uniden R3’s: Rocky S., Brandon J., Jeremy …

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DOD RC500S and LS500W Dashcam Giveaway

DOD RC500S and LS500W on windshield giveaway

Enter to win a free DOD RC500S or a DOD LS500W dashcam! Enter here: DOD RC500S & LS500W Dashcam Giveaway

Radenso XP & Radenso SP Radar Detector Giveaway

Radenso XP and Radenso SP Radar Detectors side by side

Win a brand new Radenso XP ($399) or Radenso SP ($199) radar detector! Enter now: Radenso XP & Radenso SP Radar Detector Giveaway

Thinkware F800 Pro Dashcam Giveaway

Enter to win a free Thinkware F800 Pro 2-channel dashcam! It records at Full HD 1080p front and rear, records when you’re driving and parked, features GPS, WiFi, and cloud integration, retails for $459, but you can enter now to win one free. Update: Congratulations to Max S. for winning the dashcam! Thinkware F800 Pro …

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Escort Redline EX Radar Detector Giveaway

Escort Redline EX giveaway front

Time for another radar detector giveaway! Escort has provided a brand new Escort Redline EX ($599), their long range undetectable radar detector with the ability to automatically learn and filter out false alerts, share realtime alerts with other drivers, and more.

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Radar Detector & Dashcam Holiday Giveaway 2017

Radar Detector Giveaway: Uniden R1 and R3's

In celebration of me hitting 20k subscribers on YouTube and because it’s the holiday season, it’s time for the yearly Vortex Radar radar detector and dashcam giveaway! There’s several ways to enter and you can do as many as you like to increase your odds of winning. This giveaway is open to anyone at least …

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2015 / 2016 Radar Detector Holiday Giveaway Winners

Time to announce the holiday giveaway winners!! 😀

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2015 Radar Detector Holiday Giveaway

Time to give away some prizes!! 😀 Prizes I’m giving away: Uniden LRD850 Escort SC55 Bushnell Velocity radar gun Private sessions with me Mystery prizes (???) How to Enter: Like/Follow/Subscribe in any social media areas you want. Comment and let me know what you want to win and why. That’s it! Have fun with your …

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