Radar Bands Explained: X Band, K Band, & Ka Band

Have you noticed how radar detectors say that they can detect signals on X Band, K Band, and Ka Band? Have you wondered what that means in terms of police radar, what the differences are, and what it means to you when you detect them? Each one is different and depending on which one you see, you should probably react differently.

This video will explain what the different radar bands mean.

How to Set Up your Escort Redline

Here’s a video tutorial on how to set up and configure your Redline for maximum performance.

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This tutorial is designed for people new to the Redline. Think Redline 101. 😉

The video’s just over half an hour long since it covers a lot of material and many of you may not need to watch the whole thing, so below you’ll find a guide as to what’s covered where so you can skip to the parts you’d like to watch, as well as the recommended settings.

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