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How Do Dashcams Work?

How do dashcams work? Dashcam installed by rear view mirror

Dashcams, or dash cameras, are an incredibly valuable tool to have in your vehicle. They keep you protected in case of accidents, they’re helpful for insurance purposes, plus you can record all sorts of crazy events you see on the road which are great for YouTube. 🙂 How do dashcams work? Let’s take a look.

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How to Set Up & Configure Your Escort Max 360c Radar Detector

Escort Max 360c radar detector

The Escort Max 360c radar detector (buy a Max 360c here) comes with a whole bunch of different features and settings that let you customize it the way you want. Let’s go over all the different settings, explain what everything means, and help you pick the best settings so you can best program your Escort Max …

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Radar Jammers: Is A Radar Jammer Able to Jam Police Radar?

Blue Raider radar jammer

How well does a police radar jammer work against police radar? Is running a radar jammer better than running a radar detector when it comes to avoiding a speeding ticket?

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Police Laser: How It Works & How to Beat It

Best Laser Jammer: Police shooting lidar gun

Police laser guns are a common tool that police officers use to issue speeding tickets all across the United States and Canada. They offer many advantages to a police officer over a radar gun and radar detectors don’t actually help against a police laser gun. Laser jammers are required to combat laser guns. How does …

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Police Radar: How it Works & How to Beat It

Police radar doppler shift

Police radar guns are one of the main tools that police officers use to issue speeding tickets. Here we generally focus on the best radar detectors, but by learning more about how police radar operates and is used, we’ll have a better understanding of the big picture and what we can do to defeat it. …

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Are Laser Jammers Illegal or Legal in the USA? Laser Jammer Laws

Are Laser Jammers Illegal or Legal - Laser Jammer Laws Map

Laser jammers are designed to prevent a police officer from acquiring your speed when he’s targeting you with his laser gun. It gives you time to quickly slow down as needed, disable your jammers, and let him get a reading off of your car doing the speed limit. Are laser jammers illegal or are they …

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Are Radar Detectors Illegal or Legal in the USA? Radar Detector Laws

Radar Detector Laws Map: Where Radar Detectors are Legal

Are radar detectors illegal or legal in your state? What are the laws regarding radar detectors here in the USA? It turns out that laws regarding radar detector usage vary depending on where you are in the country and even what type of vehicle you’re driving. Let’s take a look at what the laws are …

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How Many Bands Can a Cobra Radar Detector Detect?

Cobras on Amazon with different bands

One day some years ago, I was walking around the automotive section of Best Buy. (This was way back before I got into radar detectors.) I was checking out the different models they had on display, mostly different Cobra brand radar detectors, and wondering what the differences were between models. Some were more expensive. Some …

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How to Conduct Long Range Radar Detector Testing Properly

V1 vs 33.8 testing

IMHO, testing radar detectors to see how they perform is a fantastic thing to do. You learn SO much, the results you share are incredibly beneficial to others, not to mention we need lots of different testers using different terrains, different test courses, and different detectors all working together to help us put together the …

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Where & How to Mount your Radar Detector for the Best Performance

V1, Max2, Redline in different mounting locations

Where should you mount your radar detector on your windshield and how does that impact your radar detector’s performance? Should you mount it high or low? Should you skip over using suction cups altogether and hang it under your rear view mirror? Does a tint strip or do those black dots at the top of …

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