Mar 11

Radneso Pro SE Display Colors

The Radenso Pro SE is available with different color displays. The Radenso Pro is available only with a yellow display, but the Radenso Pro SE is available in Red, Yellow, & Blue. Here’s a look at all 3 display colors side by side so you can see which one looks best to you.

Personally I prefer the red. I think it looks best and I like that red doesn’t impact your night vision as much. It’s one reason why most detectors have a red display. Additionally, my car’s interior is red so it matches it nicely. 🙂

Purchase the red RPSE here or here.

(Note: If purchasing from Amazon, only purchase through Radenso Radar or Power Sports US. Scammers sometimes set up fake accounts and pretend to offer RPSE’s at unrealistically low prices.)

If you’d like a yellow or blue RPSE, you can pick those up from Radenso’s website here.

If you’d like the yellow Radenso Pro, you can pick one up here.

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