Jun 23

How to Conduct Long Range Radar Detector Testing Properly

IMHO, testing radar detectors to see how they perform is a fantastic thing to do. You learn SO much, the results you share are incredibly beneficial to others, not to mention we need lots of different testers using different terrains, different test courses, and different detectors all working together to help us put together the big picture in a way that no single test could tell us. There’s many different types of tests you could do and I’d actively encourage people conduct their own tests because of how incredibly beneficial it is to not only the community, but to the testers themselves. Here’s some of the biggest benefits I’ve found to doing radar detector testing:

  • You can find out which radar detectors offer the best performance and longest detection distances
  • You can see how much terrain such as hills, curves, trees, and straightaways impact detection range
  • You can see how much different settings and filters impact the performance of your detector
  • You can see how much advanced warning the radar detector provides before the radar gun can pick up your vehicle’s speed
  • You learn SO much about radar in general when you get behind the radar gun
  • You provide incredibly valuable information to others

Now the thing is, while radar detector testing is tremendously useful, it’s also very very easy to make mistakes in a way that would totally invalidate your results, produce inaccurate results, and would completely mislead anyone reading the results. In fact some mistakes are so common (running two radar detectors next to each other at the same time is the biggest one. Never do this!!) that almost everyone makes the same mistakes when first starting out so I’d like to cover both the do’s and don’ts of how to conduct a radar detector test properly.

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Jun 22

Uniden R3 vs. Escort Max360: Which Radar Detector Is Best?

The Uniden R3 and the Max360 are both fully featured top of the line radar detectors and lots of people have been asking which one is better and which one they should get. Honestly this has been a little tough to answer because while they have a lot of similarities, there’s also some important differences, not to mention they’re both in the process of being updated and improved too so it can be a little challenging to pin down which one is “better.” That said, let’s dive into things and figure out which one would be better for you.

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Jun 21

Where and How to Mount your Radar Detector for the Best Performance

Where should you mount your radar detector on your windshield and how does that impact your radar detector’s performance? Should you mount it high or low? Should you skip over using suction cups altogether and hang it under your rear view mirror? Does a tint strip or do those black dots at the top of your windshield impact performance? Instead of mounting onto your windshield, should you opt for custom installed remote mount detector that’s installed somewhere in your grill instead? Let’s take a look at the best places to mount a radar detector and the pros and cons of each mounting location.

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Jun 20

The Benefits of GPS in a Radar Detector

Many higher end radar detectors include a GPS chip in the detector. Some detectors even come in two separate models, one with GPS and another without. Some detectors lack a GPS chip built-in, but they offer Bluetooth capability so you can pair it with your phone, run an app, and use your phone’s GPS to add the same functionality. Should you get a detector with GPS? What are the benefits of GPS? Would your driving require a GPS chip or would you be just fine with a more basic and less expensive detector? Let’s take a look at the benefits of having a GPS chip in your radar detector so that you can decide which route is best for you.

Uniden R3 & Uniden R1

Uniden R3 (left) and Uniden R1 (right)

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Jun 20

Escort Max Ci 360 vs. DragonEye Compact: Test Results

Escort has released their latest integrated remote mount radar detector and laser jammers, the Max Ci and Max Ci 360. They’re the successors to the 9500ci and offer all the same benefits with even better BSM filtering, the ability to add a rear radar detector antenna to give you arrows, and they come with new laser jammers that Escort is calling their “ShifterMax” sensors. I don’t have a Max Ci on hand myself yet personally, but I will soon and am looking forward to it because the radar detector is looking very promising in initial testing. The laser jammer side is looking good against traditional guns, but against the latest DragonEye guns with more advanced anti-jamming capabilities, Escort has repeatedly claimed that their new ShifterMax jammers can jam those guns, but testing has consistently been showing us otherwise. This has been a hot topic lately so I’d like to compile and share some of the testing and videos with you so that you can see as well.

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Jun 19

Blackvue DR650S-2CH Dashcam Review

Blackvue DR650S-2CH

I’ve been testing a bunch of dashcams over the past few years in search of the ultimate dashcam and for the past 7 months I’ve been running the Blackvue DR650S-2CH full time in my car. I’m really liking it as an all-around good dashcam, jam packed with useful features. It’s like the Max360 of dashcams in that it’s got all the bells and whistles. There’s other dashcams that are superior in certain areas and there are a few things about this camera that I wish were improved, but the reason I like this camera is that it records both in front of me and behind for complete protection, the video quality is reasonably good, the camera is stealthy and black so it doesn’t stand out to other people outside my car, and it can automatically switch between driving mode and parking mode without me having to putz around with settings so it’s always there running in the background, watching my back.. which is exactly what I want a dashcam for. In short, it’s a fully-featured and well-rounded dashcam.

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Jun 16

How to Program and Set Up Your Uniden R1 and R3

If you have a Uniden R1 or Uniden R3, you can change the settings to give yourself better performance, filter out more false alerts, change the display color to match your vehicle’s interior, and basically tweak it to what you prefer.

Now there’s no universal “best” settings for everyone of course since what’s best depends on where you drive and even your own personal preferences. That’s why they gave us options. 🙂

You can download the R1 manual or the R3 manual and read over the details. Rather than just duplicating the manual here, in this article I want to go into a bit more explanation so you can better understand the benefits of the different settings, their pros and cons, and which one you should choose. At the very end, I’ll share with you the settings that I run. 🙂

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Jun 15

How to Update the Firmware on the Uniden R1 & R3

This week Uniden released firmware updates for both their R1 & R3 radar detectors. Let’s walk through the update process.

Here’s a video to show you the update process, followed the step-by-step tutorial with important links.

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Jun 14

Rocky Mountain Radar Judge Review

Many people consider Rocky Mountain Radar to be one of the biggest scammers in the radar detector industry. They make a lot of wild claims that turn out not to be true, justify their claims with nonsensical technobabble in the hopes that you get lost in the confusion of something that sounds intelligent and just take their word for it, but really they’re in the business of taking advantage of people who don’t know better. As the saying does, “If you can’t dazzle ’em with brilliance, baffle ’em with bullshit.” :p

Their main claim to fame is that they advertise radar and laser “scrambling” capabilities, that like radar or laser jammers, prevent the police officers from being able to acquire your speed. They claim it’s a passive technique which makes it different from jamming, but in short, it doesn’t have any impact on radar or laser guns pointed at you when you’re driving down the road.

Now you could test this out yourself by driving past a speed sign on the side of the road, but because the product doesn’t actually have any impact on radar guns, they’ll claim that there’s no computer inside of speed signs which makes no sense at all, but it’s really just a way to avoid people from discovering that their products do not work. RMR claims that their products only work against police radar and laser guns so… let’s test against those, shall we? 🙂

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May 29

Differences between the Uniden R1 & R3

So I just sat down with the Uniden R1 and Uniden R3 to compare them side by side.

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