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Jul 14

How To Hardwire a Radar Detector

Radar detectors need to be plugged in for power and generally ship with a cigarette lighter plug to make it easy to power your detector. However, it looks kinda ugly to have a long cable dangling down your windshield and dash and it can get in the way of using your stereo. It also makes it obvious …

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Feb 14

Top 10 Questions about Radar Detectors

Radar detectors are very useful tools to help drivers avoid speeding tickets. To help explain how they work and clear up some of the most common sources of confusion, let’s go over the top 10 most frequently asked questions people have about radar detectors. 1) Do radar detectors really work? Yes. They’re designed to detect …

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Feb 10

10 Ways to Avoid Getting a Speeding Ticket

If you’re the type of driver who finds yourself worried about getting a speeding ticket, there’s a number of things you can do to help improve your odds at not getting one. Obviously you could aim to not speed, but there’s always the risk of inadvertently missing a speed limit drop zone, you can get popped even following …

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Jan 13

How Laser Jammers Work

Are you wondering how laser jammers work? Once you watch my video on how lidar guns work, here’s a series of videos to explain how jammers work. This first video explains how jammers that use lookup tables (ie. Blinder HP-905, Laser Interceptor, Escort Laser ShifterPro) work.

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Jan 08

How Police Lidar Guns Work

In this video we talk about the physics behind police laser guns and how they measure the speed of a moving target.

Jan 07

How Police Radar Guns Work

In this video we talk about the physics behind how police radar guns work and how they use the principle of doppler shifting to acquire a vehicle’s speed.

Dec 05

Band Segmentation and Custom Sweeps

Band Segmentation and Custom Sweeps. They’re expert settings available on some radar detectors that can significantly help improve a detector’s performance. However, if you set it up incorrectly, you may inadvertently prevent your radar detector from alerting you to legitimate police radar which… kinda defeats the whole purpose of having a radar detector in the first place. You can wind up …

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Dec 04

How RDR and Ka Guard Work

Ka Guard and RDR are filters that help our radar detectors filter out false alerts on Ka band that happen due to poorly designed radar detectors like older Cobras that leak RF signals, but how do the filters actually work? Escort has a patent explaining their filtering technique for RDR that I read through some time ago to …

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Dec 03

Radar Detector Terminology

ALP – AntiLaser Priority. Currently the best laser jammer on the market. They are very sensitive, receive continued updates, and can jam both the older easier to jam guns as well as the latest lidar guns with anti-jamming technology. These are the current top pick for laser jammers. You can find them for sale online here. …

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Nov 30

How to Find Out what Radar Bands, Radar Guns, and Laser Guns are used in your area

In different parts of the country they use different radar guns and laser guns. For example, in some areas K band is in use while in other areas it’s not at all and if you turn K band off in your detector, you can get rid of all the false alerts that you’d have to …

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