Apr 07

Radenso SP Released

Radenso has just released their latest detector, the Radenso SP!

The Radenso SP is a GPS-less version of their popular Radenso XP. It’s essentially the same thing, but without the GPS chip and related functionality (low speed muting, GPS lockouts, red light camera alerts). It also costs $150 less than the XP and so at $249, it’s a more budget friendly option for people looking for a good detector with excellent false alert filtering abilities.

The Radenso SP can be purchased online here.


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  1. Steve

    Would you recommend the radenso sp over the uniden dfr6?

    1. Vortex

      Hard to say. If you’re going for an entry level detector, the Uniden is $50 less. The XP adds things like being able to audibly mute all X and K band signals, but that’s more of an advanced feature. It also adds some fine tuned muting options, but again those are also for really dialing in your experience. They’re very similar. The Uniden is a little more basic, the XP offers a little more granular control. For most I think the DFR6 is plenty. If you like fiddling with things, get the SP.

      1. steve

        The new Radenso SP. vs The Uniden DFR6. For a basic entry level radar detector, do you have a recommendation?

      2. steve

        I was curious about the new Radenso SP, not so much the XP.

        1. Vortex

          Oh sorry I meant SP. Just a habit of saying XP. 🙂 It’s the same as the DFR7/XP debate, just without the GPS stuff rolled in.

  2. Steve

    Are you planning a review of the SP any time soon?

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