Feb 11

How the Stinger VIP Components All Wire Together

Here’s a look at how all the components of the Stinger VIP radar detector and laser jammer system wire together.

You can see the schematic for how everything is laid out here:

Stinger VIP wiring diagram schematic

For more detailed information, I recommend checking out the Stinger VIP Installation Manual. You can also check out the full user manual as well.

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  1. John

    Did you do any real world testing with this system yet?

    1. Vortex

      I did some testing with the last Stinger VIP I had a couple months ago, yeah. You can see those test results here. http://www.vortexradar.com/2015/09/sept-2015-rd-testing-stinger-vip-cobra-dsp-radenso-pro-se-etc/

      I found its filtering was effective, but the increased sensitivity means it picked up false alerts farther away so you really rely on the lockouts, heh. There were also a few weird bugs that I saw, but apparently those have been fixed since. I think some of them were attributed to the fact that I pinched the antenna wire during installation as well so some of the issues were my fault. So I’m definitely interested in seeing how things go with round two. This thing is a beast.

  2. Steve

    I am currently running a 3-head ALP setup (2 front, 1 rear) and find it enough for my needs.
    How many heads of Stinger jammers do I need to match that performance? They are selling in packs of three (3 front and 3 back), I think it’s an overkill… Can you please advise?

    I love your reviews on the actual Stinger detector, but I want some tests that their jammers work just as well as ALP. and I will switch to Stinger right away. Thanks again for delivering phenomenal content!

    1. Steve

      Bump ^^

    2. Steve


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