Dec 03

How to Program your new V1 & YaV1 from scratch

This walkthrough shows you how I set up my V1 with YaV1 from a brand new install to help guide you through setting up yours. 🙂


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  1. Tim

    Love the app! I have the app set to run every time I get into the car and connects to bluetooth. However, I haven’t figured out a way for the YaV1 app to quit/close when I exit the car and disconnects from bluetooth. It keeps running searching for the bluetooth connection. Is there a setting in the app that will quit the app automatically when the bluetooth is no longer available?

    1. Vortex

      Yeah it actually has a feature specifically for that. It’s covered in Page 13 of the YaV1 manual. https://www.rdforum.org/showthread.php?t=30046 Under the “General Settings” there is an option for “Auto Stop Timeout.” Set it to 30 sec. This way once YaV1 loses BT for 30 sec, it will automatically shut down. That’s the preferred way of doing it over force killing it with Llama or something.

      1. tim

        Awesome! I was wondering what that setting was for. I will give it a try tomorrow.

  2. Keith Gill

    I bought the V1 and Bluetooth to use with my Galaxy S5 and Sena motorcycle headset. The one ‘must have’ are the audible alerts to be pushed through the phone to my headset. I set the app exactly as per your excellent tutorial except that I left all the Laser, Ka, K, and X sound effects as Native. Everything works – except the V1 isn’t muted by the Savvy emulator and there are no sounds effects on my phone – the phone does play the verbal Ka files. I guess a work around would be to put WAV sound effects files in these boxes but I can’t find them on my phone. Thanks, Keith

  3. david

    connect LE does not workwtih YAV1-so make sure you buy carefully (get the connect) if your ordering. I wonder if the YaV1 will update, or should I send back my LE for a regular android connect

  4. Bill

    Again, I’m new to all this… my V1 connect will be arriving shortly. When I program my V1 and yav1, is it safe to assume that I can set my frequency bands to the same frequencies you did in the video? Is that location-based (I’m in Michigan) or is it radar gun manufacturer-based? Assuming it’s manufacturer-based, then why don’t detector makers filter out anything outside these frequency ranges? Probably a stupid question but that’s what I’m good at! Thanks,


    1. Vortex

      It’s radar gun based. You can program it the way I show and you’ll be all set. It’s an option you’re given to get more performance out of a detector but not everyone knows the details so it’s really considered an advanced feature.

      1. Bill

        How do you do that so fast?!!! Very cool… And thanks very much!

  5. Bill

    Ok, so one last question, then I’ll stop pestering you… Maybe…I just finished watching your “YaV1 2.0: GPS Autolockouts Explained” video. When I make setings changes in the yav1 app, do I need to be bluetooth connected to v1connect for the changes to take place? Or can I be in the comfort of my living room making settings adjustments and then the next time I connect to v1connect, the changes will synch? Thanks and I’ve learned a ton from your videos. They are really great!


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