Oct 26

Escort Max360: Under the Hood

Let’s take apart the Max360 and see what lies underneath. 🙂

Max360 components:

Max360 components

Max360 components 2

RF board:


Max360 RF boardMax360 RF board rear Horn:

Max360 horn

Max360 horn 2

Primary PCB:

Max360 primary PCB

Max360 primary PCB 2

Secondary PCB:

Max360 secondary PCB

Max360 secondary PCB rear

Display & Arrows:

Max360 display 1 Max360 display 2

Top of case: Max360 top of case

Max360 top of case underside

Sides of case:    Max360 sides of case

Max360 sides of case 2

Profile shot of plastic bulge on top:

Max360 bulge on top

Bottom panel with heatsink: Max360 bottom panel

Max360 bottom panel underside

Full discussion and analysis here: https://www.rdforum.org/showthread.php?t=47842

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