Mar 29

How to Manually Program a V1

Here’s a walkthrough on how to manually program a Valentine One through the detector itself.

To enter the settings, turn your V1 off, press and hold in the main power button, then turn the main knob clockwise to turn it on while still holding the button in. Let go after a few seconds once all the LED’s light up.

Press the button once to see what version of the V1 you’re currently running. ie. 3.8945

Press the button a second time to enter the programming menu.

The exact settings and options available on your V1 will vary depending on what version of the V1 you have. Here’s the guide from Valentine explaining what each setting means.

There’s also a handy cheat sheet you can print out or carry on your phone that is a quick reference to all the different options and what arrow up and arrow down mean.

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  1. irinel

    can you help me with the best manual settings for United Kingdom?
    thank you so much.

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